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Welcome to Steve Gaskell, Executive Business Coaching

Have you ever wondered why you are the busiest person in your business?

Or, that you seem to be working the longest hours? AND, not taking home as much money as you thought you would?

We see challenges like this all the time. Many business owners just get too involved with the day-to-day 'doing' of the business that they rarely plan, let alone follow a plan! 

As the business world is becoming more and more fast paced, and more competitive, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to stay focused on growing the business. Which is why more and more people are taking to using a business coach.

This is where we come in. To help you reach your full potential. Not just 'do your job'.

As a business coach with over 20 years experience mentoring, coaching and leading teams, we can help you make your business thrive and work without you. Wouldn't that be nice?

As an ActionCOACH Partner, we have access to tried and tested materials, templates and methodology that has already worked for 1000s of SME businesses around the UK and Internationally.

We offer 1-2-1 business coaching, group business coaching & employee engagement coaching as well as many other seminars and day courses.

If you would like to see the power of business coaching and how your business could change dramatically over the next 12 months, then get in touch today! We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation and ​business health check to see where, and how, you can improve.





BY UP TO 61%

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what some of our have to clients say: 

 Stewart Little of Amtek Plastics UK Ltd

 The Team at VU Online

 Hunters Brewery

 Daryl Fulls of Scribble and Ink

 David Cooke of DCCA

 Steve, Gill and Alex from Dynamo


Business Plans… Just Words?

Business Plans… Just Words?

Business Plans are a little more than just words. When you understand the purpose of your plan it makes far more sense of why having a written one is so important. What’s more how to utilise the context of planning and the impact it has on you. “I have a detailed business plan.” “I have… Continue Reading

No “SALES” please we’re British

No “SALES” please we’re British

Hands Up all the Sales People in the Room Recently attended a fantastic event where the founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars, a good friend, gave an insight as to what it takes to finish your business. Get to the point where the business can stand on its own, a commercial profitable enterprise that works without… Continue Reading

The Secret of Business Success

The Secret of Business Success

Business Success…Lessons from Sports The golden question, what is the secret to business success! I was fortunate enough to not only find myself engrossed in Rob Baxter’s (Director of Rugby for Exeter Chiefs) insight to building a Championship Team at the home of the Exeter Chiefs (@ExeterChiefs), Sandy Park, but also had the opportunity to… Continue Reading

No Plan Survives Contact with Customers…

No Plan Survives Contact with Customers…

No Plan Survives Contact with Customers… But no plan, and you don’t get to the customer! As a business coach, planning and having a plan, is an intrinsic part of my daily routine or my business rhythm. It also allows my business to connect with customers and prospects with purpose and agility, be able to… Continue Reading

The Shield Wall

The Shield Wall

Employee Engagement ‘The Shield Wall’ What is the level of employee engagement you have within your team, organisation or business? How committed are the team? Is productivity all it could be? Does the team work well together? Do you have any ‘bad apples’? As the leader, business owner or manager how busy are you? Are… Continue Reading

A New Question of Leadership

A New Question of Leadership

…..and Management. I would like to offer you potentially a new perspective, a new question for leadership, to reflect upon, other than the age-old question of leadership versus management. Where do you sit? Having spoken to 1000s of business owners, had 28 years’ experience in the military it’s fair to say I have a little… Continue Reading

And the Winner is…..

And the Winner is…..

And the winner is…. You know the feeling, you’re at the table with your team, your category flashes onto the big screen, the anticipation around the table is tangible. They announce the finalists and low and behold your business logo is added to the short-listed businesses on the big screen. You feel the pit of… Continue Reading

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